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As part of doing the Graduate Certificate in Architectural Digital Illustration in 2015, we were required to model a building in Revit, export it to 3DS Max Design, then add materials, fittings, furniture, lighting and other objects to create as real a project as the original. To prove the accuracy, we needed to take camera shots from within and around the project, to match as closely as possible to existing images of the site.


Aerial view of courtyard.

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I chose to do Place de la Madeleine, located in Paris.

Place De La Madeleine was originally 12 maids’ rooms. Situated on the 6th and 7th floors of the building, the new owner/architect, Michael Hermann, has been careful to preserve its reminders of yesteryear yet bring it stunningly into the modern era.  The original limestone wall has been carefully and painstakingly uncovered and revived as have the original time-worn oak beams. As a striking contrast, and a way of bringing in light to an otherwise still-dark interior, a feature glass floor serves as both floor and ceiling and is the division between the two levels in a central location. Aiding in this accomplishment is the 5m tall central courtyard which features an enormous green wall and abuts the lower floor and its two rooms. Lavish use of mirrors and glass/mirror furniture surfaces further assists in the dispersion of light.[1],[2],[3],[4],[5]

Within our course, we were allowed to change some aspects of the chosen site, but justify this in a Brief. My Brief proposal was based on the following:

The previous style achieved light through its clean lines, white walls, glass and mirrored surfaces, but lacked ‘heart’ or More French character and seemed to need warming. It also did not reflect  changing needs of the owners.

The main requirements of the Brief:

  1. To soften and warm the apartment,
  2. To reintroduce character by imbuing the apartment with an understated French chic, replacing the current minimalist style but not changing it completely, and
  3. To analyse the original camera shots and aim to include new and more dynamic angles.

Goals to achieve each of the requirements:

  1. Introduce more curves and organic shapes, reminiscent of classic French artisan’s work
  2. Move from harsh whites and cold greys to classic ivory tones, closer in colour to the existing interior rock wall
  3. Choose bronze and gold metal finishes instead of the silvers, glass, and greys.


Floor Plans of apartment, done in Revit:


Sections of apartment, done in Revit:



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